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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Create a virtual tour of Chortkiv – show off the city's historical sites, parks, monuments, and other attractions.

2. Develop a Chortkiv-focused blog featuring articles about the city's culture, events, and history.

3. Create a Chortkiv-focused online store with local products.

4. Develop an online database of Chortkiv-based businesses.

5. Develop interactive maps of Chortkiv, highlighting points of interest.

6. Develop an online forum for Chortkiv residents to discuss local issues.

7. Design a Chortkiv-themed game to be played online.

8. Create an online library of Chortkiv-related books and articles.

9. Develop a Chortkiv-themed podcast featuring interviews with local experts.

10. Create a virtual museum showcasing the city's cultural heritage.

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